City of Clinton

2035 Comprehensive Plan

About The Plan

The City of Clinton has adopted the 2035 Comprehensive Plan. Click here to view the plan.

The plan's purpose is to provide a creative and dynamic guide for future long-term growth and development in the City of Clinton.  The city adopted and observed the guidelines laid out in the Citizen Participation Plan and the Comprehensive Plan Advisory Committee supervised the preparation of the draft with input from the public through neighborhood meetings, public hearings, and a public survey.  The intent of the project was to draft a plan establishing a solid foundation for planning, zoning, and development decisions for the Clinton planning area.  

Adoption of this plan by the city is not the end but rather the beginning of an ongoing process.  This process includes five (5) essential steps:

  1. Study and Analysis.  Clinton must study land use, population trends, the economic base of the city, and physiographic features.

  2. Plan or Policy Preparation.  The comprehensive plan must provide a basic statement of how the city will develop, in what direction, and at what pace.

  3. Basic Goals.  Clinton must consider basic goals including: Do we want to grow?  Do we want to be a center for high-tech industry?  What balance do we want between growth and preservation of the agricultural and the natural environment?  How do the arts and healthcare fit into the city’s future?

  4. Implementation and Effectuation.  To implement the plan, the city must use such tools as land use regulations, capital improvements programs, and general guidelines for private development and public investment.

  5. Monitoring and Feedback.  The city must continually evaluate how well the plan's policies are being carried out, whether the goals are realistic, and whether new, unanticipated conditions have occurred.  Feedback may become the basis for redesign of this plan.